GOALS 2021.

Hello there eila love. Long time no see…I know I know. Well…this is unusual. I am here today to tell y’all some of my goals for 2021. This article is coming to you a bit late but I don’t mind…so long as all these will be achived. I am trying to make myself accountable by letting all of you know.

Here we go…

Prioritize myself.

With all the happenings in the world and in your life, it is easy to lose yourself in all of that. With this in mind, I’m going to prioritize myself. My overall well-being and happiness. I mean gaining happy weight is so beautiful! I need that.

Peace of mind.

I want to engage with the whole world while still feeling calm, relaxed and also safe! Safe from all the negativity and toxicity in the world! I want to be more aware of my surroundings and steer clear of anything and everything that will make me feel am not worthy.

Positive thinking.

You can sincerely agree with me that the worst battle ever fought is that of the mind! Being able to keep all negative thoughts out of my mind will surely make me stronger! I mean it is said that things have a way of working themselves out if we just remain positive! Right?! πŸ˜‰

Pore-over great books.

Well guys! Please hold me accountable to this! I would really love to improve my reading culture this year. And not just reading books for the sake of it all… NO. I would like to pore-over them! Read them with all the attention I can give! Read and understand!


I want this year to be the year I quit procrastination and replace that with being productive! I want to achieve all these goals I have set for myself that you are reading and the ones that are only for my eyes to see! Being productive will make it easy for me to be attentive to the things that actually matter in my life.


It is sometimes so hard to be patient with oneself. I want to learn to be patient with myself, not to feel overwhelmed with all the happenings around me but just keep myself in check and calm while waiting for my turn, for my happenings to happen, if you know what I mean. This will also make me be kind to myself and live a life full of gratitude!

That is it guys. Hope you are having a good start of the year 2021! If you don’t mind, please let me know some of your goals this year… let us hold each other accountable to make our dreams come true!


Love Eila.

Quarantine TO-DO LIST.

Hello eilalove. Hope you are staying safe, healthy and positive during this time. I wanna know what you have planned to do during this time rather what you have been doing to stay sane.Am here today with a few things in my list of what I am doing and what I want to start doing to be more productive apart from the norm…house chores and work for those who work and school for those who btw including me are working on.

Learn something new. I know it’s not only me who wants to learn a new hobby or skill. You’ve wanted to know how to knit, crochet, do hair, do make up, sew, paint etc. Learn anything that will make you be productive during this time and that will come in handy in the future. I mean we all got time now.. yes? YES! Do It!

Listen to podcasts. There are so many podcast sites out in Google play store you can choose one and decide to feed your soul with some great content. Actually this is also another way of learning and getting new ideas from experts in different fields of your choice and interest. Am currently listening to ‘On purpose with Jay Shetty.’ You can recommend more in the comments and I’ll be happy to check them out too.

Read books. Expand your knowledge you know. It is power! Am not that into books but if get a wonderful book that just makes my spirit super excited I can’t put it down at all. I recently read a book that just put my head straight and I’d so gladly recommend it. ‘RICH DAD POOR DAD!’ If you wanna learn about money,saving,investing etc… it is the book for you. What book are you reading at the moment?This should have been point number one.

Connect with God. Read your Bible…pray…thank God for life, good health, food in your tummy, a place to lay your head at night because not everyone has that…be grateful! Well there’s the internet.. you can videocall your friends and have Bible study. This helps keep you sane.

Interact with your family stay in touch with friends. You have been apart since December most probably because of school, work etc…get to know them better… do continue celebrating birthdays, anniversaries… etcIncase you have younger ones like I do… Don’t let them watch too much TV, movies. Teach them some life skills. Tutor them since they’ll be back in school and so behind.

Exercise. Don’t you be a couch potato. You can walk around your compound, run, jog, jump rope, yoga. Just get up and do something that helps your body not get wasted.

Deep clean your house… your closet.. everywhere. STAY HYGIENIC! Get up in the morning… freshen up..do your make up… dress up.. eat healthy… don’t stay in your phone all day… no… not healthy… choose one thing in the list after the other and do it! You got this.Don’t get demotivated… stay positive. Stay productive.Be safe!


Love Eila.

Am back!!!

Hey there… how long has it been? I know. It has been Too long. Am back now hopefully I’ll stay put. Well this post is just to let you know that am super excited to be providing content once more to you. This time I hope it will be super super informative, and that this platform will be a space for you and I to continue expressing ourselves. Well I stopped writing last July 24th. Things were just not going on well. A lot was happening… in all the aspects of life. And now… wow… the world is just on another different space that is so saddening and kinda frustrating but… in all of all this corona maneno we stay positive and healthy!


love eila


MY TRUTH. |pt.3

Last time I told you guys how and where my body starts aching whenever I have the crisis episodes. So some are intense while others are to me like a passing migraine which to many people won’t be that. I differentiate them according to how fast I manage the pain. Whether it is intense or ‘simple’, my abdomen area will always be in pain.

Anyway…so there’s the heaving breathing which most people get to notice mostly at night or when I am in pain. The main reason why the pain comes is because the red blood cells get stuck in a point in my blood vessels and oxygen isn’t getting adequate movement to my body. The heavy breathing just comes naturally, I never notice it until someone tells me my breathing is hard.

Apart from the breathing, there’s my eyes turning yellow. Jaundice as they call it but it isn’t that prominent. My palms also tend to be pale, as my eyes to because my haemoglobin level is low.

When this happens…I definitely need to be on blood booster medication among other prevention medication. Anyway…when I was young it was always hard for me to cope with this experience because I even missed out on half a term of school. I was young then. My immunity was young and it was really different than it is now.

I remember one time when my dad took me to the doctor when I was getting to my teenage years and my doctor told my dad that we needed to be more cautious because I’d soon start my menstrual circle. I being anaemic…i needed blood in my body and here am about to start losing it every month. It was such a big challenge for me then. I got in the hang of it because you know I can’t change my gender. I don’t want to.

Living with sickle cell anaemia has been a journey…an experience which has taught me a lot of patience, gratitude, strength and commitment. It is not for the faint hearted. There are times when I’d wish that it’d just take me with it so that I’d stop feeling the pain and just forget what it is.

But…I learnt that yes am the one carrying the pain in my body and feeling it by myself but…the pain that my parents we’re going through every time they saw me in pain was worse. I used to see it in their eyes….especially my dad’s because he was the one who took me to the doctors and who spent time with me in the hospital. I was never admitted to the hospital with my mom by my side. She couldn’t handle it. Sometimes I used to hide my pain from them so that they would not worry.

I was not only being strong for myself but also for my parents and my younger siblings. Ooh BTW…am the only one in my family….nuclear and extended, with sickle cell anaemia. I don’t know why…but I thank God about that.

Anyway…my journey and experiences is a long story that I can’t do it in one sitting. This is why am dividing it into parts. Anyway this is it for pt. 3.

See you in pt.4. 😊Hopefully.


Love EILA.

MY TRUTH.|pt.2

So I know I haven’t been writing any blog posts for the past month and 4days. Well part of the reason is the crisis I have been trying to control. Well in this past month I have had about 8-10 episodes, which is the highest number to my knowledge, unless when I was little I had more and I have forgotten.

So…back to basics ish…

Sickle cell anaemia is a condition whereby my red blood cells are not the normal round shaped ones. They are shaped in sickle form hence the name. I don’t want to get into all the biology details or medical details…well you’ve got Google, it will help you out.

Anyway…I just want to talk about the crisis episodes…i.e the PAIN as per my own experience. So a lot of things can trigger this pain. It can be the weather especially the cold, dehydration, stress, straining my body past my limit, too much sugar, vigorous activities, my periods, etc.

So as adviced by my doctors, I should stay away from all that. Or rather do my best to prevent any of those situations from happening. So when am in the cold…I tend to keep myself extremely warm. I guess this is the reason my parents always bought me ‘winter’ clothes while my siblings looked really nice in their ‘summer’ clothes.

All my life I have been on blood booster medications and what nots. I also had to eat the iron rich foods. Still do actually. It’s been hectic but what can I do….the beetroots, Kiwis, spinach, liver, Sukuma wiki, etc

Anyway, This experience of mine (I don’t want to call it a condition. I hate that name ) has made me miss out on a lot in my childhood and some part of my school life. I wish I could do some things but I just can’t. Sometimes I just look the other way and do stuff which I later on have to pay for because my body can’t handle it.

So…this is how I feel whenever I know am about to be put to bed by the painful experience.

1. Heat flashes

2. Chest pain

3. Back pain

4. MY WAIST /ABDOMEN IS THE MAJOR AREA. The pain circulates around my abdomen for the longest time.

5. My joints...these are my ankles,wrists,elbows,knees..

They all start paining in that order!!! I hate it! I hate it. Sometimes I can’t even move.

Oooh funny thing when this happens…I wouldn’t want anyone to touch me.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Pain medication… my body only accepted to work with Diclofenac pain meds, the 100mg ones, and the powergesic gel/cream. Only!

I can’t really explain how the pain pains. Just know it is excruciating!!!!!

My family and friends can narrate to you what they usually see.

Anyway guys…this is my truth. I have always been scared of talking about it. But I guess it’s that time.

Pt.3 coming soon.



MY TRUTH.|pt.1

Sitting here in this big room…in this empty space wondering when will all this pain end. This is my feeling every single time I get to experience (my experience) which btw I didn’t choose to have. It is funny how fate just decides how you are going to live your life, before you even understand what exactly life is.

The excruciating pain I always go through by myself in my tiny corner makes me ask myself too many questions I can’t even begin to find answers to.

Why me?

When will all this end? When am dead?

The pain I feel is different from the pain another person going through the same experience, feels.

I mean…we get to choose how to tackle experiences in life. Some painful moments are tackled with tears and extreme physical and emotional strength like mine while others with laughter and jokes and distractions.

During these moments I get to understand how strong I am because of what am going through. During these moments I get to know how to be grateful for life and good health. During these moments I get to learn not to take things for granted.

The experience am talking about is the pain. The pain I have to undergo every single time my body just can’t seem to function well. The pain that I really can’t put words to explain how PAINFULL it is. The pain that makes people wonder why a grown ass person can’t control his/her tears.

The pain….the pain I can’t get rid off just like that. The process itself is entirely costly. The pain that makes me lack sleep every other night. The pain that made me write this….



Even with all the pain….I STILL GET UP AND DO WHAT I GOTTA DO!





Skincare Routine|ft. @naturalivingsupplies

Our skin just like our bodies needs to stay hydrated and filled with all the good stuff in order to stay healthy. It needs to be taken care of with the right quality products that are vegan, of natural ingredients.

This is an updated skincare routine that I currently live by because I am happy to announce that I found myself the best skin care brand to use. Natural living supplies is all about 100% natural ingredients that mother nature provides without adding any additives, fragrance or chemical to their products. They are vegan, cruelty, parabens, silicon/silicate, mineral oil FREE!!

They have a wide range of skincare products that work for all skin types, dry, oily, combination, sensitive and for acne prone skin as well.

Their main ingredients are:

Frankincense(King of all essential oils) and Myrrh. They are also known as the Biblical oils. I am so sure that most of you guys, just like me, got to know of these herbs through the Bible.

Natural living supplies products include:

Holy water which comes in two types; Frankincense hydrosol and Myrrh hydrosol.

Miracle oil which comes in three types: which contain frankincense, myrrh, olive oil, jojoba oil with either Tea tree essential oil, Lavender essential oil or Rose hip oil.

Sacred rejuvenating cream which contains Shea butter, olive oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, frankinsence, myrrh and lavender.

Purity mask which contains bentonite clay, turmeric powder, arrow root powder, olive oil, jojoba oil, frankinsence and myrrh.

Divine hair oil which contains argan oil, frankinsence, myrrh, Rosemary essential oil, black seed oil and jojoba oil.

They also have pure essential oils like lavender, 4 of 5 different types of frankincense essential oils, tea tree oil, myrrh essential oil and Rosemary essential oil.

Advantages of these products.

They are naturally distilled oils.

The oils are noncomedogenic meaning they do not clog pores.

They are super affordable.

They are great for all skin types.

They are easily absorbed into the skin.

Skincare Routine.

These products give you a full on simple skincare routine. This is how I care for my skin with these products.

To exfoliate, the purity mask got me and you.

To tone you can use the Holy water to hydrate your skin after cleansing and/or exfoliating.

To moisturize you have a wide range to choose from. If you have dry skin like I do…you can go for the miracle moisturizing oil (Rose hip oil). This is the oil that I currently use. Trust me when I tell you it is moisturizing!

If your skin is acne prone or experiencing breakouts, you can reach out for the miracle tea tree oil serum. I have used this oil to clear out my hormonal break outs. It worked like a charm.

You also can reach out for the miracle oil in lavender essential oil to care for your skin as well. Lavender has many skin benefits you can check them out here.

Here is the link to Natural living Supplies website so that you can check them out and read more about the products and their benefits, as well as learn more about the brand.


I decided to write about this post on my own because I have used the products and they have worked well for me and I love them so much. #notsponsored.

That is it for today’s post my loves. Btw I did a mini video on my Instagram on how I use some of the products.

I hope you enjoyed it.

Love Eila.


My Second Hair Anniversary | Wash Day Routine.

Hey there eila love. Welcome back to yet another post in my blog. Just as the title suggests, guys am about to celebrate my 2nd year anniversary of having natural hair, which will be on the 5/29. In this post am going to share with you my washday routine after I unraveled the 3month old Nyasuba locs. If you haven’t read about that then stop reading this first and go read that here.

Anyway guys in this particular wash day routine I am switching up the products abit. I got my hands on Design essentials products about 3months ago and I have been using some of them except the shampoo which I wanted to try out so bad.

Design essential products.

I got my hands on:

5 shampoo testers that come in sachets.(The natural almond and avocado moisturizing and detangling sulfate free shampoo.)

A leave-in conditioner.(The New and improved kukui et coconut hydrating leave-in conditioner)

Herbal complex 4 hair et scalp treatment

Diamonds oil sheen spray.

The wash routine.


For the first step of my wash day, I used coconut oil to pre-poo my hair. I have written a post on pre-poo explaining its purpose and benefits here.

The shampoo process.

This part is pretty much basic. You just use your shampoo to cleanse off dirt and excess oils from your hair. I used two sachets of the design essentials shampoo. Honestly you guys… my mikalla cleansing and conditioning shampoo is unbeatable.

The conditioning process.

On freshly washed hair that is still wet, I applied my mikalla honey and butter conditioner to the strands of my hair. The defined curl pattern you get with this conditioner is perfect. It also smells good. I usually detangle my hair with a comb while I have on the conditioner because it just makes it easier to detangle.

Image from @mikalla_woman Instagram.

Deep conditioning process.

Just like the conditioning process I applied my deep conditioner to wet hair. I used my mosara deep treatment masque which has coconut oil, castor oil, avocado oil and shea butter. This product nourishes the hair strands making it easy to manage, it also increases the strand elasticity as well. I wore a black shower cap and let it sit for about 30minutes before rinsing out just to let the magic happen.

Image from @mosarakenya Instagram.

The deep conditioner needs to be repurchased before my next wash day.


I used the design essentials leave-in treatment to add moisture to my hair and I worked it to the strands of my hair then sealed in the moisture with my mixture of oils. My hydrating butter by mosara got finished and I haven’t repurchased it yet but I will. That product also stole my heart. I always moisturize my hair with the LOC method.I.e liquid, oil, cream.

All this was done in preparation for my Nyasuba locs to be redone. I fell in love with this hairstyle earlier this year.

After my first hair anniversary, I did trim my hair about four times between the months of September and December. I will do an in depth post on the importance of trimming your hair.

Am not planning to trim my hair anytime soon because the rate of my hair splitting reduced and am currently in love with the way my hair is thriving.

That’s it my loves. Hope this post is informative.


Love Eila.

Taking Stock #1 2019

Hello there my loves. Thank you for stopping by. Do you remember when I started this series last year and somewhere along the way I stopped it? I know you do… if you are a new reader you are most welcome. What am talking about is the taking stock series I started writing about last year and I suddenly stopped it.

I honestly don’t even have an explanation as to why I did so… I just stopped writing this series. Anyway it is back and am hoping to keep it alive.

Here we go:


Zamani alongside my very good friend Joy Wanga. Our baby is growing slowly and steadily.


Entrepreneural moves


My new gadget. Huawei Nova 3i. With the current fuss about Huawei… I hope I won’t have to get new phones.


Since the last taking stock… I have read about 6 books. Oh btw, I am not a book person but my very good friend(Joy Wanga) took it upon herself to send me Ebooks to read so that I could start having that reading culture most successful people have.

Ladies I would love for you to read this book. Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu. If you want it… comment down below with your e-mail and I will send it to you.


I have been obsessed with Chinese language ever since I was young and so I decided to learn Mandarin. I recently got hold of an app from Google play store which is really incredible and informative.


I am currently watching ‘The good doctor’ and a Chinese Love story ‘Meteor Garden.’ It makes me cryπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.


I am really drinking a lot of porridge.I don’t know why…πŸ€”

Thank God am back to my drinking water system.


Madly in love with mashed potatoes with fried spinach.


I could be able to travel a lot. I could visit new places, see new things.


Happiness and more happiness.


God’s grace and favour upon my life.


My Boyfriend.πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ.


About my next trip.πŸ›«β›΄?


To Podcasts more. I got more interested in these three:


Nothing. Am not a fan of cooking.


Of my Bff Chenana. She has started her own online business called Just scents where she sells luxury body products at really affordable prices. check her out here.


To sleep early the next coming weeks. This past weeks have been weird and off during sleeping hours.

That is it my loves.

Be grateful for every situation, any downtime or positive.


Love Eila.

My simple make up look

Hello there eila love. Thank you so much for stopping by. In this post today am gonna share with you one of the simplest make up look that I love rocking 99% of the time. The 1% am always without make up. Anyway love, this make up look is just super easy to achieve and you can wear it whenever. When you are going to class, work, visiting your parents or relatives, just anywhere.

The products used are:

Some of these products i meantioned in my makeup favourites post here.


My BB cream in SC45 Almond

My foundation the L’orΓ©al Paris True Match LUMI Foundation in Nut brown/ Cocoa C7-8

Coconut oil

Cussons baby powder

Maybelline matte+poreless powder in the shade Toffee 330

My DIY Rose water setting spray


Davis eye pencil in the shade 003.


Davis eye pencil as lip liner.

Huddah cosmetics lip gloss in Brown sugar.

This look is just really cute and simple. If you want to go out later in the day to a date or out at night you just need to add a pop of color to your lips and eyes.

Since my skin is super dry I usually mix my foundation, BB cream and coconut oil together to get that dewy finish. It is always perfect because the matte powder doesn’t suck the life out of my skin.

The baby powder is just to set my under eyes. You also need a lip liner to line your lips up for that perfect pout and of course so that you don’t look funny wearing a nude gloss or lippie.

That is it my loves. I hope this post inspires you to continue wering the simple make up looks or even start.


Love Eila.