Let’s talk | EYEBROWS!

Hey eilalove. Hope you had a great weekend and that you achieved all the goals you had set for the past week. Anyway guys...Eyebrows...yes eyebrows.... This is not a greatly spoken title but y'all know that not everyone who walks down the streets with their eyebrows done have great looking brows. You can love your... Continue Reading →


Mistakes we do to our hair.

Over Manipulation. 'I need to switch up my hair style'... 'Oh no... this style doesn't look good like yesterday.' 'Let me twist my hair again tonight. I need the twist outs to look as fresh as they were today.' Yo!!! Let your hair be. Too much manipulation breaks your hair! Just let your hair be.... Continue Reading →

Nancy Macharia’s Skincare Dose!!!

Hello eila love. Welcome to yet another post in my blog. Thank you so much for the support you have been showing me and i hope that the content i write is helpful. Today's post is gonna be different. Let us all hang out with the beautiful and stunning Nancy Macharia. She is a wonderful,humble... Continue Reading →


Hey eilalove welcome back to my blog once again. After the post on my washday routine most of you have asked me to do another post on pre-poo to expound more on what it is. Pre-poo is the first step I do whenever I decide to wash my hair. What is it? It is a... Continue Reading →

Hydrate or Moisturize?

Hello eilalove. Hope you've had a great weekend. Do you know the difference between hydrating and moisturizing? Hydrator and moisturizer? This topics is one of the most confusing ones ever. Have you read my post on skin types? I talked about dry skin and dehydrated skin. Let me recap the contents just a bit. Dehydrated... Continue Reading →

Influenced before??

Hey there eilalove. Have you ever been influenced by someone to buy something? Make up, skincare and hair care products, tech maybe? I know I have. Most of the hair and skin care products I bought were through the influence of beauty influencers and bloggers. I bought these products because I had a huge interest... Continue Reading →

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